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Health & Beauty

Our online store offers a large selection of makeup and personal care tools, find everything you need to stay looking your best, choose the best personal care products from well-known brands at competitive prices with free delivery

Health & Beauty

JINA Your Way O3 Anti-aging Cream up...

Suitable for adults 30 to 40 years old

Night cream for skin rejuvenation

Formula enriched with ozone and natural collagen-generating extracts

Suitable for all skin types


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yanshen Portable Folding Massage Stick

Runs on 4 AA batteries or USB

It has 3 heads that change according to the region

It has a sensor that makes the device work by simply applying a simple pressure

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JINA Acne Cream

Cream to treat acne and skin infections resulting from it

Enriched with aloe Vera and green tea extracts


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Health & Beauty Category:
If you are one of those who give their interest to their skin health and beauty, you are in the right section, you’ll find here all the products you need related to make-up, skin care, repairing skin and improving its look.
At DiGiShi, we are keen to provide the best original products from international and national brands of high quality. Where we secure these materials from the main agent in Syria to offer them to you at the best prices with free delivery to your specified location upon completion of the purchase process
You will find a number of sub-categories according to the following:
Skin care: This category includes makeup removal products, many types of body and face scrubs, face toners, skin moisturizing and treatment creams, in addition to sunscreen and natural oils
Makeup: Contains Face Makeup, Eyes Makeup, Lips, Primer, Foundation, Powder, Contouring, Blusher, Highlighter, in addition to Makeup Tools
Hair: All what you need for a special hair care routine, Shampoo, Dyes and Hair Creams, are available in this category
Personal Care Products & Appliances: A set of tools that facilitate your daily personal care habits, including hair dryers and straighteners (curling and straightening), different types of toothbrushes, massage belts, shavers and other personal care tools.
Nails: A variety of nail polishes in different colors and nail clippers
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