In this section we have special selections of face & body scrubs made of natural materials.


Unicorn Body Shop Korean Paste Scrub

The balls exfoliate the body and remove dead skin and dirt stuck in the pores

Helps lighten the body and reduce pigmentation and sun tan

10 balls

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Ruby Rose Facial Mask Exfoliating HB-407

Facial scrub with natural ingredients

Moisturizes the skin and renews skin cells

With extracts of white clay, apricot seed rind, green tea and hamamelids

Paraben Free


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G LaVeRa Fabric Eau De Perfume

Concentrated perfume with the smell of incense

Fits a wide range of fabrics

It is used to perfume the house and prayer corners

30 ml

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G LaVeRa Scrub Cream For Face And...

A face and body scrub that rejuvenates cells

stimulates blood circulation for better skin perfusion

Fruity scent

250 ml

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G LaVeRa Spirulina Skin Scrub

Enriched with spirulina, honey and acids for clearer skin

Works to remove dead skin cells

For oily and mixed skin

100 ml

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ROOTS PURITY Charcoal Gelatin Mask

Removes blackheads

Deeply cleanses pores, reducing inflammation and acne

Regulates sebum secretions and reduces the annoying shine of the skin


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ROOTS PURITY Vitamin C Gelatin Mask

Helps moisturize the skin

Works to lighten the skin

Eliminates and protects the skin from the appearance of wrinkles


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G LaVera Body Scrub with Shea Butter...

Body scrub with shea butter extract, almond oil and chamomile

Helps exfoliate and smooth dry layers

Apply to damp skin after showering

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Body Scrub: All the products in this sub-category of Skin Care are original products of excellent quality, used for skin exfoliation and skin cell renewal, whether for the face or body.
It contains natural compounds such as cucumber, lemon and collagen, in addition to charcoal, algae and other natural ingredients.
Most of the items at this category belong to brands like: MoNellA, Neutrogena, Wokali, Clean & Clear, GARNIEH …
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