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Home & Kitchen

Enjoy a renovated home of decor and household utensils with DiGiShi, be sure that you will find all the pieces you need, from household utensils such as dishes and pans to electrical appliances that will help you in the kitchen, and when the time comes for cleaning, we will help you choose the best products and deliver them to you within the shortest time and for free

Home & Kitchen

Miraculous Plastic Lunch Box - Red

A plastic sandwich box divided into two separate layers, and one layer of them is divided into three sections to separate foods from each other

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HINDICO Vacuum Cleaner 1600W

Vacuum Cleaner 1600 Watt

With a large capacity tank of 20 liters

Equipped with a brush for cleaning carpets and special parts for cleaning narrow and hard-to-reach places

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Home and Kitchen:
One of the most special sections at DiGiShi, where you find all the required tools inside your home, kitchen and bathroom, in addition to decoration pieces and room layout, with some electrical devices that help you finish your daily home works
We are keen to supply the best items with pretty shapes, good quality, competitive prices and free delivery
Sections of Home & Kitchen Category:
Kitchen: All needed tools at kitchen like: knives, spoons, trays, food plastic containers, cooking pots, frying and grilling tools, silicon and metal molds for dessert, plastic hooks… etc
Cups: Cups and mugs of glass and pottery for various uses, coffee cups, jugs and thermos
Dishes: Plates with different shapes for children, fruit bowels, porcelain plates
Detergents: Dishes cleaning liquids, floor & surfaces polishers, clothes freshener and washing powder
Salt & Pepper Sets: wooden sets, glass sets and small jars for salt and pepper
Décor: Wall clocks, LED lights, plastic holders, gifts and jewelry boxes, decorative light ropes, Christmas decorations, wishes ball, accessories cabinet and more...
Bedroom & Bathroom: Sleeping bags, soap holders, neck pillows, towel hangers, net baskets, digital scales, bathtub mats, shower caps...
Electrical Appliances: Laser cookers, coffee boilers, fans, sandwich heaters, blenders, food processors, water coolers, kitchen filters, air filters, gas ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, washing machines and steam iron
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