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Electrical Appliances

The choices at this section are varied to include all electrical appliances needed at home and kitchen, Televisions, Vacuum Cleaners, Steam Irons, Air Conditioners, Ovens, Microwaves, Refrigerators, Coolers, Heaters, Mixers, Boilers, Choppers, Telephones.

Electrical Appliances

Al Waha Air Heater 1000-2000W

The possibility of setting the air temperature from normal / warm / hot

Equipped with a high temperature protection circuit

1000-2000 watts

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TriView 65inch 4K High-resolution...

65 inch DLED smart screen

Supports 4K Ultra Resolution

It contains an internal receiver

With the advantage of connecting to the Internet and multiple internal applications

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Nivico Gas and Electric Heater

Three function gas heater, electric coil, hot air turbine

Equipped with a safety system to stop the gas automatically

Equipped with an electric cut-off system

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RAMCO RD-301 Cooler

8 L

Equipped with a key to operate the ECO saving mode, through a special sensor for sleep mode, where the heater stops working to save electrical energy

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RAMCO RD-112 Cooler

8 L

Water cooler with high-performance compressor to secure the largest amount of water

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RAMCO RD-102 Cooler

8 L

Water cooler with a refrigerator with a capacity of 18 liters to cool food and drinks

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Electrical Devices: The last sub-category in Home & Kitchen, includes basic electrical supplies needed in kitchen and home, wire phones, refrigerators, TVs, blenders ..
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